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10 Paris Drive
Elliot Lake, ON
P5A 2L9 Canada

To rent apartments, lease commercial space, or for more information, please contact the ECO-Mat laundromat and ask for Commercial Management (9:00 am - 7:00 pm)

Phone: 705.578.3003


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A little about Elliot Lake

Aside from the scenic surroundings, Elliot Lake offers all the amenities anyone could want. A modern, fully serviced community, Elliot Lake has a population of 12,000. Our roads, shops, restaurants, and infrastructure are comparable to that of any modern city.    

Elliot Lake has a first-class hospital, police and fire protection, local transit service, excellent schools, a municipally owned and operated airport, and a 
wide array of recreational, social, and leisure facilities and programs.  Elliot Lake has it all in a safe, clean, affordable and friendly rural setting. 



Elliot Lake and the North Shore region are located north of Lake Huron, halfway between Sudbury and Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.

Located in the district of Algoma, the North Shore Region 
consists of:
  • The City of Elliot Lake (Hwy 108, 20-minutes off Hwy 17) 
And 4 municipalities located along Highway 17:  
  • The Town of Blind River     
  • The Township of Shedden
  • The Serpent River First Nation 
  • The Township of the North Shore