ECO-Mat Laundromat

10 Paris Drive
Elliot Lake, ON
P5A 2L9 Canada

Phone: 705.578.3003 

Clean, super-efficient, safe, and easy!

ECO-Mat entrance
ECO-Mat entrance

An eco-friendly facility that takes the environment into consideration; our machines are energy efficient and use less water.

BONUS: Free WiFi available to our customers!

Wash and Fold Service Available

Drop off your laundry and we will take care of the rest! Our variety of machine sizes are able to wash anything from regular clothes to hockey gear, comforters, and hunting or fishing gear.


Do your own laundry in 60-minutes or less! 

Washing machines
High performance, energy-efficient, E-series, Aqua-Fall systems (improves the quality of the wash), and high spin cycles reduce drying time by 40%!

20 lbs:
$4.50  Superwash
$4.00  Regular wash
30 lbs:
$6.00  Superwash
$5.50  Regular wash
40 lbs:
$8.25  Superwash
$7.50  Regular wash
$12.00  Regular wash
         $13.50 Super wash

High-efficiency tumble axial maximizes airflow and tumble action (less drying time) with multi-dry options.
30 lb + 45 lb choices!

Onsite Seamstress

Logans Sewing
Tuesday to Saturday: 11:00 am - 3:00 pm



ECO-Mat's newest addition,
ECO-Mat's newest addition, "The Comforter Queen" (55 lbs)

Meet the latest addition to our ECO-Mat family - The Comforter Queen - a 55 lbs machine to cover all your large laundry needs!

Wash up to 55 lbs of comforters in 20-minutes!

No muss, no fuss!

1 king comforter and 1 regular or 2 queen comforters: 55 lbs of dirty laundry done in a flash!
See inside ECO-Mat@Paris:
Relax while you wait: stocked vending machine, comfy couches, & TV
Relax while you wait: stocked vending machine, comfy couches, & TV